Judging Someone

If u really want to judge someone. . .judge by their nature not by their outer beauty. . .not by their living status!
#Their Beauty and Status can be change. .but ‘Nature’ can’t!




Never chose a friend without complete understanding (more…)

Live Life Fully

Live Life Fully, While you are here (more…)

A Must Read

Truth Seldom Heard

     Are you growing? How fast? or how slow? To what end?

     Plant lovers and Bonsai collectors may easily grasp what I would like to point out here. But more than the physical growth, what I wish to convey here is something that has connection to our Creator. You may think that you are grown up already, you have a lot of Titles or Degree, you have many accomplishments,or in terms of possession you have surpassed the abundance of king Solomon. Growing in this world is something, but growing in God and in His grace is better than that something.

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Format: Rejection of Candidate

Dear xxx,


Thank you for your application and the interest shown towards our company. We received your Curriculum Vitae well and examined it thoroughly.

We have carefully reviewed your qualifications. We regret to let you know that we are unable to proceed further with your application. In spite of the various positive elements in your Curriculum Vitae, there are candidates whose skills and experiences better match the profile we are looking for.

New vacancies will be placed on our website http://www.xxxxxx.com and on the following jobsites xxx, yyy, zzz

We do appreciate the confidence shown in our company and wish you all the success in your future career.

Yours sincerely,


Human Resources


What do you do?

If you are a Web or Graphic Designer, Developer, SEO, Social Media Expert or a Blogger, you must have encountered this question at least once in your working tenure. It’s very difficult to explain someone who is not related to your field or who have least or no interest in how it’s done. They just ask you for the sake of asking . Some times the situation worsens when some one who hasn’t used computer or internet at all asks you to explain the procedure and tell the KRA’s in detail. Phew! (more…)