Can Colleagues be Friends Forever

Do you think that Colleagues can be good friends?  And what if you are an HR of the company? Most of the employees will be nice on your face and would make you believe that they are your best pals for the obvious reasons.  HR has all the information about the company whether small or big. (more…)


Stop Treating Employees as Bonded Labor

There are many laws and regulations for benefiting employees in India but most of the companies hardly pay any heed to them. Laws are meant to be broken. The face of the companies we see is quite different from the reality. Most of the companies, that are considered to be the top notch companies, and where many people dream of getting a job, have entirely different work mechanism that what is depicted through various media.


How long should an Employee work in one organization?

Gone is the era when employees use to stick to one organization for life long (well even after retirement they use to get pension from that company only). With privatization of business and increased opportunities in hands, you will hardly find a person whose resume can boast of serving a single organization till he retires.