What do you do?

If you are a Web or Graphic Designer, Developer, SEO, Social Media Expert or a Blogger, you must have encountered this question at least once in your working tenure. It’s very difficult to explain someone who is not related to your field or who have least or no interest in how it’s done. They just ask you for the sake of asking . Some times the situation worsens when some one who hasn’t used computer or internet at all asks you to explain the procedure and tell the KRA’s in detail. Phew! (more…)


Internet Trolling

My latest article about Internet Trolling, published in

Somtime back, there was a news: The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research. Like him you all must have your own experiences of being trolled some time or the other and some of you might also have gone through the dilemma of quitting social media because of it.
This problem is spreading like forest fire and everyone seems to be taking about Trolling. Today we will check what & why Trolls are, how to identify them, should Trolling be allowed or not and how to control Trolls. The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research.

General Definition

Internet Trolls


Ghost Writers

Are You Getting Enough Exposure As A Ghost Writer?
This is the title of the article, I wrote for Slodive


Facebook’s pages for Bloggers and Developers to Follow

Facebook is more of an everyday ritual which almost every person who has net access follows religiously.