How to make a cover for Kitchen Aid Mixer

This is one of my husband’s most prized possession. He cleans it more than he cleans his car. Well, that reminds me how passionate he is about his gadgets and machinery. (Note: Only about his gadgets and machinery 😦 ). (more…)


Starry affair with clothes

My daughter got a small toy in kinder joy and I got an idea of using it on a piece to cloth to create something interesting. I had this plain blue pillow cover and it became my latest victim. (more…)

How to jazz up a simple baby onesie

If you have a white onesie and some free time, you can add an oomph to your little man’s dress. I am sharing mine creation through pictures. (more…)

How to make a Girl’s Skirt out of Old Jeans

I have few pair of jeans that don’t fit me anymore or I am just bored of it. (more…)

How to Make a Flower Motif Sweater

I love knitting and crochet.  It works as a great stress buster for me. I am very determined to make a perfect piece when ever I start but loose my determination mid way. Hmm…. I have to work on this. I am no master….just a curious learner, so kindly bear with me. (more…)


Will you believe its a wall painting…I loved the work these fabulous artists have done. I am sure you will love it too 🙂
wall painting


Captivaing Children Room Decor Ideas

One thing that unites all children in a way is their love for colors. They love being surrounded with bright colors. When it comes to decorating and painting children room, most parents like to go for pink for girls and blue in case of boys.