Month: March 2017

Life with kidney disease

kidney-disease-psychonephrologyEvery disease affects quality of life and kidney disease is no exception. Living with a diabetic family member changes your lifestyle in many ways. Although modern day science has given us so many ways to keep a tab at the physical symptoms, but the psychological aspects often go unnoticed. Today, on the occasion of World Kidney day, it it imperative to talk about the psychological and emotional outcomes of kidney disease.

Not only the patient, but his caregivers and physicians are also impacted with the kidney disease. There are several factors associated with the impact of kidney disease.

Recently I read an article where a kidney patient was airlifted to hospital but was not looked well after that. He posted his ordeal on Facebook, and in no time it went viral, with support pouring all over the world. To help avoiding such situations, and to provide the patient the emotional care along with the health care, the physicians can follow one article,  Hello My Name is. This article suggests that a sensitive physician can make a difference in patient’s and his family’s life.

On the other hand, in an article, ‘Helping professions’ and Burnout, the author has aptly described how there is a other side of coin. The physicians feel the burnout too, with multiple things going on in their life professionally and personally.

The friends and relatives of a kidney patient should be careful in their choice of words when they are visiting a patient. There is an ultimate list of things What not to say when visiting a kidney patient. This article focuses on the difference of being sympathetic and being empathetic. The author has shared his own experience as a nephrologist to explain how the visitors sometimes say things unintentionally that can be perceived very differently by the patient or his caregivers.

Caregivers also feel the stress and the Caregiver also needs care.  You can also say that the caregiver is a hidden patient. Caregivers often ignore their health and emotions while providing medical attention and care to their family member.

First step towards addressing the psychological impact is to accept it. There are various Companions to a Mindful Life that can help you to bring down stress. There are various literature pieces that share stories of the people living with kidney disease. If you are Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice.

There are some essential reads about death, loss, and hope that strength to go through this time. There are few things that we can not change, like getting a kidney disease, so we should focus on the things that we can change to bring peace and happiness back in the family.

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