How to Get Duplicate Passing Certificate for CBSE Boarders

10th Passing certificate is considered a very important document in India. It is used as a birth proof in various government departments. So misplacing it means big hassle is waiting for you. My husband also needed to produce 10th certificate for some documentation but couldn’t find it. We tried to convince the authorities that we have 10+2 passing certificate, Graduation degree, Passport and Driving License etc which can also be used instead. But the official didn’t agree and we were told to come back with 10th certificate.

A frantic search at home wasn’t fruitful at all. We didn’t even had the roll number. So the first thing we did was to visit CBSE regional office (in Panchkula) to inquire about what needs to be done. They redirected us to the school from where my husband had cleared his 10th. As the records were quite old, it took about half an hour to the record keeper to search for the roll number.

We again went to the CBSE regional office with the roll number. We were told that all the records for the year 2000 and before are at Ajmer Registered Office and we were given two forms(free of cost)  by the clerical staff to be filled and sent to Ajmer office. The steps to complete the application is as follows:

  • A Press notification needs to be published in any one English/Hindi National daily newspaper.
  • A Draft of Rs 200 + 50 (Total Rs 250) needs to be made in favor of Secretary CBSE Ajmer. As we didn’t have neither passing certificate nor marks statement, we sent two drafts of Rs 250 each.
  • Fill the form given by CBSE regional office and attach the full page of the newspaper, highlighting your press notification with it. Separate form for different documents is required.
  • Now get the Form attested by the principal of your school. You will have to go to the record room first to get the details/marks/subjects verified and then the Principal will attest the form.
  • If you were a private student, then you have to submit an affidavit duly attested by 1st class magistrate or a Notary Public.
  • In case of a money order/ Demand draft, write your full details along with your roll number at the back of the document.
  • Now send it to the regional office concerned. (in our case it was Ajmer Office)
  • Send it through a registered post so that you can track when your document was received.

We got our certificates in about a month.  You can also check the details at



  1. mam plz help me. i thought i lost my cbse 10th passing certificate and asked my old school to help with it. they told me they will get it issued. they took 4000 for reissue and i think it is totally similar to original one as the place and angle of signature which is manual is same as i had xerox of original. can u plz send me 2 pics lf an original cbse passing certificate and duplicate one what is the difference?


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