Take a Break

I am a work alcoholic. Work is my drug. I like to do work. I just can’t take rest as I start feeling as if I am wasting my time by doing so. If I get time from blogging, I start cleaning the home, look around the internet, sew or crochet, but I just don’t sit peacefully at all.
I get very cautious and overwhelmed if I sit idle for some time. When I was working, at that time also I  was considered as one of the most efficient worker, may be because employers always desire for work alcoholic. Giving your hundred percent to your work is a different thing, but to take the workload of others is simply not done.

multiple-handsImage Source
I don’t understand why I do like this. It has started showing its effects in my health and thus on my patience level with my kids.
I don’t want to scream on them, but sometimes very little things triggers me and I end up screaming on them. Its really bad because I never intended to be a mother like this.
But now I have decided to take a break from this attitude of overwork. Now when I look back, I see that I could have avoided those over workload sessions by saying a simple and polite “No”. So now I have entered the De-addiction center by counseling myself. Wish me Luck.


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