The not so Fairer Sex

Man and Woman are equal. They are two parts of a coin and can’t be separated. No matter what, both genders should be treated the same. In India, although the men believed as the head of the family and women mostly take a back seat when it comes to decision making, things have been changing in past few decades for good.

In India, Women are called Goddess and girls are even worshiped during the holy days. Although recent incidents show the difference in what people say and what they do. Girls and Women do not feel safe in the God’s country. Much has been said and published about this and I hope the things take a positive turn and people start respecting women.

But today my topic of discussion is about the not so fairer sex i.e. Men. I am a woman and feminist and strongly believe in women rights and entitlements. There are many Civil laws, Criminal Laws, Special Privileges and legislative acts to provide the protection and entitlements to the Women. But there are few women who are taking undue advantage of these laws made for their protection and using it as a weapon to humiliate and torture others.


You will find many false implications against the people these women want to take revenge.  The Dowry Prohibition act is the most abused law in Indian legal arena. These laws were enacted to make it easier for the wife to seek redress from potential harassment by the husband’s family. Dowry laws have come under criticism as they have been misused by women and their kin and kith.

You will find numerous cases everyday where police prima facia arrests the husband and the family members but further investigations reveals the charges were fabricated and false. People, Police and Courts believe more in the statements given by women and many a times innocents are put behind the bars.

This type of attitude and behavior of certain women makes it very difficult to distinguish between the genuine cases from the fake ones. Thus the justice gets delayed, denied and sometimes justice is not done at all. With hundreds of cases filed every day, who should be blamed for this manifold increase in such cases.

Its, We the Women, who have to take the pledge not to be the part of this kind of wrong deed and stop others also from taking undue advantage of being a woman.


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