Month: May 2013


Happiness is when, what u think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony – Mahatma Gandhi


A Short Walk

Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today


Stress is the gap between our Expectations and Reality

More the Gap, More the Stress

So expect nothing and accept everything


Its funny that People who don’t treat you well get offended when you finally do the same to them


Someday Everything will make a perfect sense

So, for now, Laugh at the confusion,

smile through the tears

and keep reminding yourself that everything Happens for a Reason.

What Defines You

Two Things define you

Your patience when you have nothing

and your attitude when you have everything

Believe in Yourself

A bird sitting on a Tree is never afraid of the Branch breaking,

Because her trust is not on the Branch but on its own wings

Always believe in yourself

The not so Fairer Sex

Man and Woman are equal. They are two parts of a coin and can’t be separated. No matter what, both genders should be treated the same. In India, although the men believed as the head of the family and women mostly take a back seat when it comes to decision making, things have been changing in past few decades for good. (more…)

A Trip to Balaji Temple Tipra (H.P.)

Serenity, tranquility and peacefulness are the words that describe Shri Trimurtidham Temple, Tipra.

Located at the beautiful hill top of Kalka (Himachal Pradesh), it is a must visit place for every ardent follower of Lord Balaji and even for athiest and agnostics. (more…)


Never chose a friend without complete understanding (more…)