Month: January 2013


You should prepare yourself to take pain n accept failures to taste success.



It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. The only thing that matters is that you are happy with who you are.

The Past

The PAST cannot be Changed, Forgotten, Edited or Erased. It can only be ACCEPTED.


Some of us learn from the mistakes of others. The rest of us have to be the others.

Seven Secrets of Success

I found the answers in my Room:

Roof Said: Aim High

Fan Said: Be Cool

Clock Said: Every Minute is Precious

Mirror Said: Reflect before you Act

Window Said: See the World

Calendar Said: Be up to Date

Door Said: Push Hard to Achieve your Goals

Be Positive

END is not the END in facts E.N.D is ” Effort Never Dies” and if get NO in answer, then remember NO is Next Opportunity”
Think Positive and Be Positive

Life Diary

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.

Six Ethics of Life

Before you pray – Believe

Before you speak – Listen

Before you spend – Earn

Before you write – Think

Before you quit – Try

Before you die – Live

A Must Read

Truth Seldom Heard

     Are you growing? How fast? or how slow? To what end?

     Plant lovers and Bonsai collectors may easily grasp what I would like to point out here. But more than the physical growth, what I wish to convey here is something that has connection to our Creator. You may think that you are grown up already, you have a lot of Titles or Degree, you have many accomplishments,or in terms of possession you have surpassed the abundance of king Solomon. Growing in this world is something, but growing in God and in His grace is better than that something.

Click on this link to view or download this article: Are you growing like Bonsai






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What to Look at?

Never look for a GOOD FACE, it will turn OLD one day

Never look for a GOOD SKIN, it will WRINKLE one day,

Never look for a HOT BODY, it will CHANGE one day,

Never look for NICE HAIR, it will turn GREY one day,

Instead look for a LOYAL HEART, that will love you everyday!