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Wait for Your Turn

When Flood cones, the Fish eats ants… (more…)


Feeling Tensed?

Feeling Tensed?

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Job Profile: Datacenter Operations

Experience on AD, Network Devices, Windows/UNIX Servers, & Backup.

Hands-on work experience with the following:

o    Any alert monitoring tool eg: Netcool, BMC Patrol, NNM etc.

o    Incident lifecycle process.

o    Any ITSM tool eg: Remedy, Peregrine etc.

o    Batch job scheduling.

o    Start/stop backup jobs.

o    Backup monitoring tools like Networker.
·         Real time acknowledgement and ownership of IT infrastructure alerts.
·         Quickly address the critical alerts and follow up with respective teams till the resolution.
·         Work as a central point of contact for all technical support teams and provide up-to-date information for on-going incidents/alerts.
·         Ready to work in Night Shifts (24x7x 365 model)
·         Good communication skills

Job Profile: Technical Helpdesk

Technical Support to Company’s business clients. Responsible to provide 100 % voice support to the clients and provide online technical resolution. Incumbent should open for 24X7 operations.

Skill Requirements:-

  • Basic technical knowledge of PCs
  • Basic Knowledge of MS Outlook troubleshooting, Internet and Networking
  • Basic technical knowledge of Operating systems like Windows XP
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

Format: Experience Certificate

Dated: xxxxxxx

Experience Certificate

                   To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/ Ms xxxxxxxx was employed with our company xxxxxxx From xxxxxx To xxxxxx as a xxxxxx

His/Her major responsibilities included xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

His/Her exposure in these areas is very good. During his/her tenure with us, he/she ably handled major responsibilities and we found him/her to be hardworking and very productive

We have found him/her to be a self starter who is motivated, duty bound, and a highly committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge.

We at xxxxxxxxxx Wish him/her all success in his/her future endeavors

For xxxxxxxx



Job Exit Format

In case of HR person following checklist can be made

Section One: Job Handover Format

For this you can prepare checklist in regard to his KRAs and see if the same has been handed over well to the replacement

a) Recruitment:                                                                 Yes            No

Existing database

Passwords of Job Portals

Password of Official career ID

Contact details & agreement with consultants

b) Payroll

Previous Payroll Sheets & attendance records

c)Employee database


And so on…


Signature of Employee resigning                   Signature of Employee taking Handover      Signature of Manager


Section Two: Asset Handover format

In this you can make details of all the assets that you issue to Employees. It can be a general form for all departments


                   Signature of Person receiving assets

Yes             No             N A


b)Mobile & Charger

c) Official SIM

d)Identity Card

e) Visiting Cards

and so on….


Signature of Employee resigning                   Signature of Employee taking Handover      Signature of Manager

The Grass isn’t always Greener on the other side!!

The below article, written by Mr. Gopalakrishnan, is really interesting! (more…)

Format: Warning Letter Absence without Information

Date: xxx

Mr. xxx

Sub. – Explanation Required

Mr. xxx

It has been observed that you have proceeded on leave (from xxx to xxx) without prior permission of the concerned authorities, resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties, in your capacity as Designation.

Absenting yourself from duties without prior intimation is a misconduct for which you are making yourself liable for necessary action.

You are hereby warned to refrain from such activities; failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action.

You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your unauthorized leave as soon as you receive this letter or as soon as you resume duties.

Kindly treat this as very urgent.

For Company



Format: Warning Letter for Poor Performance

Written Warning for Poor Work Performance


DATE: xxxx



To: ______________



Since the time of your oral warning last month, I have not seen sufficient improvement in any of the areas that were cited as needing improvement. Your work performance continues at an unsatisfactory level. Based on our discussion on ___________, the following is a summary of the problems that have been noted:


  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________

This letter is to notify you that, unless your work performance improves to an acceptable level immediately, further disciplinary action will follow. If you achieve an acceptable level of work performance, you are expected to maintain that level of performance on a continuous basis.

Consider this as your first and last warning. You are hereby given a notice up to ________ (date) to improve your performance. Your performance will be reviewed on _________ (notice date), and problems will be brought to your attention. In case problems still continues or are not rectified by that time, your One Month notice period (as per clause of your appointment letter), will be considered from the date of issuance of this letter.


For Company






Employee’s Signature Acknowledges Receipt Only ______________________


Format: Termination Letter after Probation

Termination of Services

Dated: xxx




Employee ID


Dear xxx,

We have repeatedly asked you to put more effort and passion into your work. We made the decision to give you repeated chances at performing you duties to the required standards of the company, but your recent work has not been complete or accurate and therefore is useless.

The management has found that your performance has not been up to the required standard. You were given sufficient time to attain the standards required to perform your job. However, you failed to improve your performance.

With this type of performance, Company has decided to relieve you of your duties w.e.f______________. If you feel that this decision has been made without the knowledge of all pertinent information, please feel free to speak with me immediately. Any personal information that you provide will be reviewed as deemed necessary.

Please note that the nature of your services is sensitive and important that requires high standard of performance and non-performance is prejudicial to the interests of the organization.

You are requested to submit all the company belongings provided to you and you will be receiving the salary till ______________________


Again, we regret this act is compulsory.

I would like to wish you good luck in your future endeavors.