Job Profile: Assistant Manager Electronic Media

Job Description

1.    Create eye-appealing formats and user-friendly, informative concept for clients as per their requirements

2.    Expert in media buying and strong networking with different media houses.

3.    Identifying and developing vendors for promotional campaigns.

4.    Extensive knowledge in making of an advertisement/ serial/ documentary. It includes, conceptualization, content writing producing, editing, star-casting, costume designing, voice over, equipment hiring etc.

5.    Coordinate the development and implementation of interactive advertising and messaging campaigns.

6.    Work with facility customers on concept development whenever appropriate and in cooperation with Sales and Event Services.

7.    Interface with vendors and manage the generation of concept with the appropriate employees, departments and other sources

8.    Act as electronic media Managing Editor and ensure all content follows accepted journalistic practices, and the rules of standard language usage, spelling and grammar. Ensure composition and format of concept makes the most appropriate and effective use of the particular medium in which it appears.

9.  Stay current on electronic media, technologies, trends, and issues that could have a positive or negative impact on client’s working.


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