What do you do?

If you are a Web or Graphic Designer, Developer, SEO, Social Media Expert or a Blogger, you must have encountered this question at least once in your working tenure. It’s very difficult to explain someone who is not related to your field or who have least or no interest in how it’s done. They just ask you for the sake of asking . Some times the situation worsens when some one who hasn’t used computer or internet at all asks you to explain the procedure and tell the KRA’s in detail. Phew!

Although I never get angry over this category and makes the best efforts to explain them as much as possible.  I also assume that there is no hidden evil agenda or meaning. But you tend to loose your patience level when someone is just listening and not trying to understand anything.  Most of the people think that blogging is not a profession or job at all. “How can you get paid for surfing internet and making comments on social sites?” was the wordings of someone recently. For them bloggers are bunch of people who don’t have decent jobs and are making their fingers dance on keyboard just to kill time and earn pocket money.

In my case also, some people feels sorry when they learn that I have left my job as HR Manager and now doing this peanut work. Well, I want to shout loud the magnificent increase in earnings since I joined this profession, apart them from telling them the luxury of working from home and that too at your convenient timings. But some how I stop myself from raving about my work. I hardly care what people think about my work till the time I am earning well.  The best thing I like about this profession is that unlike other jobs you earn as much you work.  More hard-work results into more money  and vice-verse. So, I am not concerned about people’s comments as long as I know I have the capability of working hard. You should also turn a deaf ear to those filling your life with negativity and nagging. Listen to those who want to see you rise in your life.

I am definitely not asking you to be rude to any one who ask this question or raise your eyebrows on their motive behind asking. This question is most common to ask when you meet


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