Qualities of an HR

One question is often comes in front of HR Freshers and some times seasoned professionals too. Who is an HR or What are the Qualities of an HR? Well you can give enormous reasons and definitions of HR, as HR Roles and responsibilities varies from company to company and even person to person. But the best one I like is here. Reason being it has crunched all the prospects of an HR in a small paragraphs.

To Start a HR Car, First you need the keys of Employee database with which you start the engine of HRM. Your Gears are Payroll, Attendance & Leave Management, Performance Appraisal and Training & Presentations. You need to Accelearate with Benefits and Welfare Activities, Clutch it with Performance Review and Brake on Full & Final n Exit Interviews. Your Right Mirror is Management and the Left One if Employees themselves. Your Wipers are Greviance Handling & Counselling. Your Headlights are Your Company’s Vision and Mission alongwith its Values.

Wish you all the best for your Test Drive!



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