Month: August 2011

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are n important and integral part of every student’s life. Even the professionals and job seekers have to clear aptitude tests in the initial rounds of job selection. You should constantly brush up your basics to tackle these types of situations. Here are some of the questions you can try to solve and post your answers here to know the right one. (more…)


What we Behold

We become what we behold…we shape our tools, (more…)

Format: Invoice

Here is a format for Invoice or bill which is also printer friendly.Please have a look and you can also download it in excel format. (more…)

Mistakes We Don’t Expect from Hiring Managers

No doubt, Hiring is the toughest part of all Human Resources related functions. Your other functions depends altogether on how well the Recruitment and selection of the candidate was done. Thus An Hiring Manager or An HR Manager has to take care of every bit and byte of hiring process. (more…)

Qualities of an HR

One question is often comes in front of HR Freshers and some times seasoned professionals too. Who is an HR or What are the Qualities of an HR? Well you can give enormous reasons and definitions of HR, as HR Roles and responsibilities varies from company to company and even person to person. But the best one I like is here. Reason being it has crunched all the prospects of an HR in a small paragraphs. (more…)

The Three Musketeers of Web

Internet is giving us the pleasure of getting information when ever and where we want, shop from the comfort of our home, make our friend network vast by adding friends from anywhere in the world & to see the world with different set of eyes without any Social. Political, Economical or Democratic barriers. (more…)

Recruitment Policy

A company should always have a sound Recruitment Policy and it should be strictly adhered too. A company invests its time, resources and money in Employing a person, and any loophole will certainly increase the cost of recruitment and overall functionality of the company. Check out a General Recruitment Policy that can be adapted by any company. (more…)

Stepwise Payroll Management

When Accounts and Human Resource Departments are involved in Payroll management, its very necessary to define the responsibilities clearly. You can make changes in this process suiting to your organization requirements. (more…)

Format: Appointment Letter for Permanent Employment

When you are appointing an Employee on a permanent Basis, use this format on your Company Letterhead. (more…)