Month: July 2011

Profile Format: Facility Management Agency

If you are a Facility Management Agency looking for a good introduction letter that adds to your chances of getting the business, this post is for you. You can use this format. But be sure to add some strong points that distinguishes you among others. (more…)


Friendship has no Limits

How To Become An Experienced Fresher (SloDive)

My latest article published in
Fresher cannot be experienced and an experienced employee cannot be counted as fresher. Alas! A typo here! Is this what you are thinking?Well this is not a typo but what most of the HR Professionals are looking for. Yes FRESHERS who are not freshers anymore. Well, this may sound like a puzzle to you but its true. You must prove your worth to get a job as a fresher. If you are about to finish your professional degree and soon starting a job hunt, this article might help you.

Jealousy- A Curse or Worse?

Do you ever feel jealous? Now I don’t want to be a Mahatma in front of anyone by saying that I don’t feel jealous. I guess this is a natural phenomenon but not a reason to fell prey to it. Whenever I feel jealous, I shake my conscious back to reality. Why should I be jealous for? I have everything that I wanted and dreamt of. God has been very kind to me. I am a human being and I too have numerous desires. Whenever I see those material things with others, I get aspired to work hard and achieve it. Jealousy can’t give you anything but worries and negativism. You have to work hard to get the things. Just daydreaming won’t help you.


All About Helvetica Font

Since its development in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann, The Helvetica font has undoubtedly dominated the Typography world with its different font family. A sans-serif typeface, you can see Helvetica font everywhere from posters to Hoardings, from print to web. Even after being on the board for more than half a century, it is still showing no signs of retiring from Typeface world.

Your Lack of Manners

While thinking about the title, I knew that it sounds absurd and even little offensive too. But I am not targeting on anyone of my known or for that matter none of you. I am just worried by the fact that anything can go viral over internet.

Internet Trolling

My latest article about Internet Trolling, published in

Somtime back, there was a news: The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research. Like him you all must have your own experiences of being trolled some time or the other and some of you might also have gone through the dilemma of quitting social media because of it.
This problem is spreading like forest fire and everyone seems to be taking about Trolling. Today we will check what & why Trolls are, how to identify them, should Trolling be allowed or not and how to control Trolls. The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research.

General Definition

Internet Trolls


!!! Know your Value !!!

A well-known speaker started off his Seminar by holding up a Dollar 500 bill. In the room of 200 people,

He asked, “Who would like this
Dollar 500 bill?”