Month: May 2011

A Woman

You can entice…
You can Charm…
You can Fascinate…
And When you look into the eyes…
It’s Hypnotizing…

How to make your CV Stand Apart

Importance of a CV (curriculum vitae)can not be ignored at any stage. Before you land on your dream work station or even try hands on your first job, lots of procedures and scrutinizing take place for shortlisting and calling the candidates for the interview.


How long should an Employee work in one organization?

Gone is the era when employees use to stick to one organization for life long (well even after retirement they use to get pension from that company only). With privatization of business and increased opportunities in hands, you will hardly find a person whose resume can boast of serving a single organization till he retires.


Get Creative With Fruits

Fruits are nature’s best gift to us.We can eat them raw, or make delicious recipes. They are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. But today we are not going to discuss any of the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Its time for some fun.  Lets get creative and make some shapes out of poor veggies and fruits to add little spice in our life.


Hot?? Tattoo Designs?

These days tattoos are a rage among people from all generations specially youngsters. They convince their parents that its a body art and with good reason. It gives a sense of confidence and bla bla. But some times a weird tattoo can turn the table and make a talk of the town for the wrong reason. Tattoos are a permanent part of your body so don’t make them turn you in to a clown.
This article features some of the weirdest tattoos a person can have on his/her body

Some Evolution Theories

Some Evolution Theories (Don’t take it too seriously)While browsing internet, I came across few Evolution theories, or should I say Devolution theories, which will definitely tickle your funny bone .
Check out this Lego version of  Evolution