Month: April 2011

Always Be Happy

Why is that we let others affect our decisions in life?
Why we have to see those, whom we don’t like?
Why can’t all the people be nice and wise? (more…)

25 Top Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

My latest post which was published in Walyou . Topic was Top 25 Top Chrome Extensions for Web Developers.


40 Top Quality Free Stumbleupon Icons

My latest post which was published in Walyou . Topic was Top 40 Top Quality Free Stumbleupon Icons.

Happy Feet on Street

Its well said that dance brings people together. Recently India won cricket world cup and though I am not a big fan of cricket, I was also hooked to this exiting match. As soon as India won the finale from their arc rivals, people came out of their homes and start dancing and celebrating on streets.
They didn’t know each other,neither are the chances that they will meet again, but it was the joy of winning, which brought them together.

Ghost Writers

Are You Getting Enough Exposure As A Ghost Writer?
This is the title of the article, I wrote for Slodive


Top 25 Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Last week,I wrote a post for Walyou . Topic was Top 25 Firefox Extensions for Web Developers”.



Will you believe its a wall painting…I loved the work these fabulous artists have done. I am sure you will love it too 🙂
wall painting


Facebook’s pages for Bloggers and Developers to Follow

Facebook is more of an everyday ritual which almost every person who has net access follows religiously.


Captivaing Children Room Decor Ideas

One thing that unites all children in a way is their love for colors. They love being surrounded with bright colors. When it comes to decorating and painting children room, most parents like to go for pink for girls and blue in case of boys.